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Privacy Policy


Note: This Agreement has been drawn up in the English language. In case of discrepancies between the English text version of this Agreement and any translation, the English version shall prevail.

FX Group International Ltd. neither sells signals or recommendation, nor makes synchronized trading through its electronic services. Any operation made by you shall be of your own responsibility.

The protection of privacy and the safeguarding of our Clients’ personal and financial information is our highest priority. Please view the following Privacy Statement which clearly explains how we at FX Group International Ltd. ("Top4FX"), collect, process, store and protect Client’s information.

By opening an account, Client here by gives Top4FX its consent to such collection, processing, storage and use of personal information by Top4FX as explained below.

Compilation of Personal Information

FX Group International Ltd. collects the necessary information required to open, transact and safeguard your assets and your privacy and to provide you with the services you require. To this end, we gather information from you and may, in certain circumstances, gather information from relevant banks and/or credit agencies, and/or other sources which helps us profile your requirements and preferences and provide better services to you.

The information FX Group International Ltd. collects may include:

  1. Application information Information you provide us on applications, such as your name, address, birth date, income and income source.
  2. Transaction information Information about your transactions with us and with our affiliates as well as information about our communications with you. For example, your account balances, trading activity, your queries and our responses
  3. Verification information Information necessary to verify your identity such as a passport or driver's license. This also includes background information we receive about you from public records or from other entities not affiliated with FX Group International Ltd.

Usage of Personal Information

FX Group International Ltd. uses personal information only as required to provide quality service and security to you. Although you are not required to provide Top4FX any of the personal information that we may request please note that failure to do so could result in Top4FX not being able to open your account or provide you with the service you require.

Whilst we attempt to ensure that all the information we hold about you is current, accurate and complete, we urge you to please assist us in this process by contacting us if any of your personal details have changed.

Personal Information Protection

The personal information that you provide in connection with registering yourself as a user of the Site Top4FX.com is protected in many ways. You can access your Registration Information through a password selected by you. This password is encrypted and known only to you. Please do not reveal your password to anyone.

Registration Information is safely stored on secure servers that only authorized personnel have access to via password. The Company encrypts all personal information as it is transferred to the Company and thus makes all necessary effort to prevent unauthorized parties from viewing any such information.

Affiliates and Partners

FX Group International Ltd. may share information with partners, affiliates and alliances in the event such information is reasonably required by such affiliate in order to for example:

  1. offer additional similar products and services that meet your needs and which are delivered in a manner that is useful and relevant (only where you have authorized us to do so);
  2. servicing customer accounts.

Non-Affiliated People

FX Group International Ltd. does not sell, license, lease or otherwise disclose personal information to third parties, except as described in this Privacy Statement.

FX Group International Ltd. reserves the right to disclose information as necessary to credit reporting or collection agencies as reasonably required in order to provide the services to you.

To help us improve our services, Top4FX may engage third parties to help carry out certain internal functions such as account processing, fulfillment, client service, client satisfaction surveys or other data collection activities relevant to our business. Use of the shared information may also be used to provide professional, legal, or accounting advice to FX Group International Ltd. Use of shared information is strictly limited to the performance of the above and is not permitted for any other purpose.

All third parties with which FX Group International Ltd. shares personal information are required to protect such personal information in accordance with all relevant legislation and in a manner similar to the way FX Group International Ltd. protects the same. Top4FX will not share personal information with third parties which it considers will not afford its Clients the required level of protection.

If you have been introduced to us by a business introducer, such business introducer may have access to your information. You hereby unambiguously and unequivocally consent to the sharing of information with such business introducer.

You acknowledge that in order to provide services to you, it may be necessary for information to be transferred outside of the European Economic Area and you consent to such transfer.

Regulatory Disclosure

FX Group International Ltd. reserves the right to disclose personal information to third parties where required by law, regulatory, law enforcement or other government authority of a competent jurisdiction. Such disclosure shall occur on a ‘need-to-know’ basis, unless otherwise instructed by a regulatory or other government authority. Under such circumstances, FX Group International Ltd. shall expressly inform the third party regarding the confidential nature of the information.

Restriction of responsibility

FX Group International Ltd. is not responsible for the privacy policies or the content of sites’ links and has no control of the use or protection of information provided by Client or collected by those sites. Whenever Client elects to link to a co-branded web site or to a linked web site, Client may be asked to provide registration or other information. Please note that such information is recorded by a third party and will be governed by the privacy policy of that third party.


Top4FX uses cookies to secure your trading activities and to enhance the performance of the website. Cookies used by Top4FX do not contain personal information or other sensitive information.

Top4FX may share website usage statistics with reputable advertising companies and with its affiliated marketing companies. The information collected by the advertising company is not personally identifiable.

To administer and improve the website, Top4FX may use third parties to track and analyze usage and statistical volume information. The third party may use cookies to track behavior and may set cookies on Top4FX’s behalf. These cookies do not contain any personally identifiable information.

What cookies are?

Cookies are small data files which are received in the terminal since a web site visited and are used to register certain interactions of the navigation in a a web site storing data which shall be able to be updated and recovered.

Theses files are stored in the user computer and contains anonymous data which are not prejudicial for the device. They are used to retain the user’s preferences, as much as the language selected, acces data or personalization.

Cookies can also be used to register anonymous information of how the visitant uses the web site. For instance, from which web page he has acceded or if he has used a advertising banner to reach such.

Which are the uses of the different types of cookies?

  • According to its purpose:

    • Technical cookies
      Tehcnical cookies are those unidspensable adn strictly needed to the proper working of a web site nad the using of different options and services it offers. For instance, are those which serves to the maintenance of the showing, management of the answering time, efficiency or options validation, security elements, net work content sharing, etc.

    • Personalization cookies
      These cookies allow the user to specify or personalize some characteristics of the general options of the web page For instance, defining the language, regional configuration or navigator type.

    • Analitical cookies
      These are used by our web site to elaborate navigating profiles and be able to know the preferences of the users in order to improve the preferences of the users to improve the offer of products and services. For instance, through an Analitical cookie would be controlled the geographical areas an user is interested to, which the produce of more acceptation, etc.

    • Publicitary cookies publicitarias
      Publicitary cookies allow the management of the Publicitary spaces according to concrete criteria. For instance, the frequency of access, the edited content, etc. Publicitary cookies allow, through the management of the advertisement, store information of behaviour through the habits observation, studying the access and establishing a profile of preferences of the users, to offer him an advertisement related with the interests of its profile.
  • According to period:

    • Session cookies
      Cookies session are those which Turing the time that the user is navigating in the web page and afterword are deleted.

    • Persistent cookies
      these cookies are stored in the user’s terminal for a longer period, facilitating the control of the chosen preferences without having to repeat certain parameters each time the web site is visited.

Why do we use cookies?

We use the cookies strictly necessary and essential for you to use or web site and can move freely, use secure areas, configure personal options, etc. We also use cookies to recompile data relatives to the analysis web use. These are used to improve the experience of the user and the performance of the page.

Some places in the web third cookies can be installed. We neither do nor control the cookies used by third parties in external webs. To more information about third party cookies we do advice to revise your own cookies policies.

Cookies used for this site are:

Procedence Name Caducity Description
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www.top4fx.com __session At the end of the session Begining session cookies
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Google Analytics _ga 2 years Cookie used by Google Analytics to to stadistic control of access.
Google Analytics _gat 1 year Cookie used to show the advertisment in other Goole pages.
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widgets.top4fx.com symfony At the end of the session Recopile anonymous information to control the shown content.
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widgets.top4fx.com AWSELB Persistent Cookie for the management of the balancing service “Amazon Web Services Elastic Load Balancing”
widgets.top4fx.com ___utmvc At the end of the session These cookies of hte own dominance are made for a thirs party service to filter authomatically bad request.
Widgets.top4fx.com GFCMGUID 5 years Web site nucleus: user information
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How to administer cookies?

To use this web site is needed the cookies installations. Si you keep on navigating in our web site without denying the authorization, it is understood you accept the use, You must realize that if you refuse our delete the navigation cookies, we shall not be able to keep your preferences and it´s possible some characteristics of the web pages are not operative.

You may revoke the agreement given by stopping the navigation, not accepting them or configure a navigator to block them and, in its casem deleting them. More information for each Navigator:

Internet Explorer 8 and superior; InPrivate

Safari 2 and superior; Private Navigating

Opera 10.5 and superior; Private Navigating

FireFox 3.5 and superior; Private Navigating

Google Chrome 10 and superior; Unknown

Privacy Statement Updates

From time to time, FX Group International Ltd. may update this Privacy Statement. In the event FX Group International Ltd. materially changes this Privacy Statement including how we collect, process or use your personal information, the revised Privacy Statement will be posted to the website. Client agrees to accept posting of a revised Privacy Statement electronically on the website as actual notice to Client. Any dispute over our Privacy Statement is subject to this notice and our Customer Agreement. Top4FX encourages Client to periodically check back and review this policy so that Client always will know what information Top4FX collects, how Top4FX uses it, and to whom Top4FX may disclose it.


I have read, understood and agree to the Privacy Policy Agreement, and I confirm that I have full power and authority to enter into this Agreement.