Trade on CFDs

Try the Contracts for Difference with us, a useful and quick option to trade. Only one commission (spread) on any instrument.

CFD trading allows profit to movements in the price of securities without having owned the asset.

Leveraged products at very competitive margins To operate with less capital than necessary to perform the same operation in the stock market.

Its trades bullish (long positions) or bearish (short positions), also it will be implemented immediately.

Trading Conditions

Trade on CFDs and enjoy:

  • Access to diverse markets
  • Low margin requirement
  • High liquidity / Competitive Margins
  • Commissions only spread for openning.

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Features of CFDs

(Table of CFDs with conditions to operate)

Platform Name Roll Over Date Actual Expiration Date
BrentOil 26/1 31/1
China50 26/1 30/1
MSCITaiwan 26/1 30/1
HongKong45 26/1 30/1
NaturalGas 26/1 29/1
India50 19/1 25/1
Oil 19/1 22/1
Norway25 12/1 19/1
Greece20 12/1 19/1
Amsterdam25 12/1 19/1
Sweden30 12/1 19/1
Spain35 12/1 19/1
VIXX 12/1 17/1
France40 12/1 19/1
Rice 22/12 12/1
Soybeans 22/12 21/1